Happy Birthday my sweetheart


A part of my heart will always be gone

Why was it so perfect? Take away circumstances all around us with life blown up in every direction. Then it leaves two people. Two people who are perfect for each other in every way. The home that I’d been searching for my whole life. The piece of my soul. Every thing about him was perfect to me. He made me want to better myself and work towards something greater. Not for him, but for me. Every day that has passed since we last spoke I feel like some small piece inside me dies. When I think of him I light up. Not only on the outside but on the inside. Words can not express the happiness I’ve felt with him. And no, no one can replace it. But I’m thankful. Thankful to have been able to share the time we did. The talks we had. I keep them close to my heart. Some people never get to be with or let alone meet the love of thier life. I did. I found out true love does exist.


If you are gone then why don’t you go? How come lately I feel you even stronger? Sometimes I think it’s too much to even understand. Like it’s not real. Maybe in another dimension. The strange feeling I’ve known you before, that we did this  again and again. Thinking one day I will wake up from my his horrible nightmare and find my missing piece beside me.